"Management Systems For The Woodworking Industry"


Woodman Estimating uses materials and labour data together with overhead and profit rates to build up product costs and calculate selling prices. These are stored as estimates which can be recalled and reused as required. A priced, illustrated quotation with customer sign-off and personalised accompanying letter is produced.

One-off products can be built up by entering the material codes, quantities, sizes and labour times in accordance with the specification. Data can be entered in whatever form the estimator finds most convenient.

Regular products can be specified using parametrics, such as formulae and variables so that items can be copied and modified by changing dimensions and materials to reproduce an alternative specification. Numerous designs can be created in this way and stored where they can be easily located and copied to new estimates and modified as required.

Reports can be produced for each product showing the detailed material cost, labour time and overhead build-up. Reports layouts can be personalised to individual companies.

Summary reports for the whole estimate showing the total materials and labour cost plus labour hours and gross profit can be produced together with a list of priced items for attachment to a quotation.

Materials data for timber, board and hardware items is stored on the main materials library file which can be accessed when building up product specifications. Materials unique to specific estimates can be kept on a special materials file associated with each estimate.

Labour time allowances are entirely flexible in their application to the system. Predetermined time allowances can be used or modified to suit special circumstances. Alternatively the user can simply key in required time allowances at the data entry stage. Machining times can include a fixed set-up allowance to be divided by a batch factor plus processing times to reflect the cost of different batch sizes.