"Management Systems For The Woodworking Industry"

Product Configurator


The Woodman Product Configurator is designed specifically for manufacturers of “Make To Order” and “Configure To Order” products. It is particularly suitable for products with multiple options, colours, accessories, materials etc. The Woodman Product Configurator works with  Woodman Estimating and Woodman Production Modules.ScreenHunter_130 May. 04 13.36
The Woodman database stores detailed information for parts, materials and labour operations for all production  jobs, thus  enabling integration into other manufacturing and scheduling software systems and bespoke report  generators.

Estimates and production jobs can be quickly processed by designating the standard options and variables required  then  specifying each product design reference with a quantity and size. Any products with non-standard options or  variables can  be modified as required.
The Woodman Product Configurator allows for quick and accurate data entry of complex products with dimensions,  options and choices. Operators are able to configure to order parametric products such as windows, doors, glass etc.  Powerful, rules based product design configurations eliminate product specification errors.

Key Benefits

  • Less skill requirement to specify complex products.
  • Protects against specifying ‘unmakeable’ products.
  • ‘On the fly’ parametric bills of materials and labour routings.Machining operations can be specified so that machine routing and labour time allowances can be built-up to provide detailed machining information for components. The production planning reports provide machine loading and routing information to assist planning and control of component manufacture.
    The Universal component database is directly accessible within the Estimates & Production modules, thus enabling operators to quickly build up bespoke products from a predetermined set of parametric components.