"Management Systems For The Woodworking Industry"


Woodman Production generates production jobs and associated production documentation. Orders are processed either by copying items from estimates and modifying item specifications if necessary or by entering data directly.

One–off products can be built up on a component by component basis entering material codes, quantities, sizes and labour times in accordance with the specification.

Regular products can be specified using para-metrics, such as formula and variables so that items can be copied and modified by changing dimensions and materials to reproduce an alternative specification. Previously stored products can easily be copied from existing estimates or production jobs and modified as required.

Production documentation includes :-

  • Cutting lists for timber and panel components
  • Hardware and fitting requirements
  • Item list with mill and assembly time allowances
  • Assembly schedule of parts for each item
  • Materials summary showing wastage and costs
  • Total job cost summary by item

 Materials data for timber, board and hardware items is stored on the main materials library file which can be accessed when building up product specifications. Materials unique to specific jobs can be kept on a special materials file associated with each production job.

Predetermined labour time allowances should be used for consistency but may be modified to suit special circumstances. Machining times can include a fixed set-up allowance to be divided by a batch factor plus processing times to reflect the cost of different batch sizes.