"Management Systems For The Woodworking Industry"

NZS4211 Designs

Brief History. 

In 2010 the Department of Building and Housing indicated that the timber window industry had to take control of its own destiny and have windows that comply with NZS4211 or there would be no guarantees they would be accepted in the future. Due to this Master Joiners had to come up with a solution. JMF NZ. Follow the link below to learn more about the history of JMF and Master Joiners.

(Click here to go to the JMF NZ website for further information.)

Woodman NZS4211 Compliance.

Developed into the NZ designs within “Woodman” includes the NZS4211 engineering and product parts supplied by JMF New Zealand Ltd.

At both estimating and production stage the engineering needs to be calculated. Costing and pricing without taking into account increased mullion size or door thickness’s would be a loss making exercise.

NZS4211 Engineering.

Selecting a wind zone within “Woodman” enables the compliance features built into the Woodman design. Mullions and transoms are automatically upgraded to suit the size and material used. If doors are set at e.g. 44mm finish for a size door where compliance is not reached, Woodman will inform the user that either the timber or the material thickness needs upgrading to create compliant joinery.

Non compliant products can be selected if required. (Replacing joinery like for like etc.)

Itemised Quote/Production orders include:-

  • Individual NZS4211 compliance results on each product.
  • Hardware and fitting requirements to NZS4211
  • Cutting lists to NZS4211 specifications
  • Individual wind loading.

Issued Only To Master Joiners:- Due to the effort and investment by Master Joiners to create a fully tested joinery system the designs within the ”Woodman” NZS4211 databases are only issued to Registered Master Joiners.